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Don’t let your wedding be a financial burden!

Don’t let your wedding be a financial burden!

Although cost cutting on your big day may be frowned upon, it may be a necessary evil to be able to enjoy the important day without being left in financial bother.

Saving tips can begin from day one, the proposal!  You’ll commonly hear that you should spend 3 months wages on the ring, well many of us don’t have the ability to do so, below are some tips to save your bacon!

Diamond in the rough –

Using second hand sites such as Ebay and Gumtree may be the answer to finding a diamond in the rough, make sure the quality is up to the standard you wish and the sizing is correct of course. Accepting second hand rings may be a huge cost saver, even meaning you can spend more on the big day itself!

 Hand-me-downs –

Accepting a family heirloom or asking your family for potential hand me down rings may prevent a serious headache from picking an engagement ring. After all, an heirloom has sentimental meaning which can be more important than price.


The value of your belongings will increase with your new rings, contact your insurer to add these belongings to your insurance plan. Or add a specific plan to consider your wedding rings.

Save money on the season!

Winter weddings are significantly cheaper than the rest, deciding against having your wedding in the middle of summer can reduce the cost of venue hugely. As well as this, there are days which are cheaper than others, of course everyone wants their wedding on a Saturday, as people don’t have work and have Sunday to recover! However, choosing a Sunday or midweek will cut the bill of the wedding significantly.

 Who to invite?

The more people you choose to invite will increase the cost, ensure your close friends and family have priority, also take into account that people will often expect to bring a partner or a plus one. It’s easy to say yes to everyone, but make sure you keep an eye on the numbers.

Don’t worry!

Saving in some areas can mean you can spend more in other aspects of the wedding, so don’t feel like saving money on your wedding is a criminal act! Prioritize aspects you care about and work around these areas.


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