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Keep your energy bills down this winter!

Keep your energy bills down this winter!

Now we are in the winter months, frozen windscreens and long dark evenings have become the norm.

But something which can be a bit more drastic are rising energy bills. With the central heating keeping everyone warm and the kids letting all the heat out of the front door, the numbers can really add up!

To save some pounds and pence this winter, we have put together a few saving tips to help keep those bills down!


1. Close that door!

Letting the heat out or letting a draught in is literally throwing money out of the window! Whether it’s making sure the kids are aware that they need to close the doors straight away, or whether it means draught proofing areas of the house such as the letter box or chimney. There are plenty of DIY products out there to draught proof your house, so make sure you have closed up those costly areas!

2. Switch it off -

Leaving electrical devices on standby around the house can really add up on your energy bills, turning off goods by the plug is a simple and easy way to save some money! Households in the UK waste £227 million a year from leaving appliances on standby according to uSwitch! With the biggest culprits being TVs and phone chargers.


3.     Get smart –

Installing a smart thermostat lets you gain more control of the energy used in your home. Brands offer different forms of control but most let you control the heat of individual rooms, to save you spending money heating rooms that aren’t in use!  Not only that, they can be controlled by your phone and sometimes even your voice! So, if no one is in, you can turn off your heating from work!


4.     Double Glazing –

It’s likely your home already has double glazed windows, but for those that don’t it’s a great way to better keep the heat in your home as it works as insulation. It will however, take an initial investment which could be reasonably costly but in the long run you will save money on your energy bills and may even add value to your home.


5.     Compare –

Use comparison sites such as uSwitch to make sure you are getting the best deal on your energy bills, as you may be paying a lot more than you need to. These sites will show you your available options and make the process of switching easy.  


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