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Celebrate National Lemonade Day with us!

Celebrate National Lemonade Day with us!

It's National Lemonade Day on Sunday 7th May!  Never heard of it?! Then read on...

Lemonade Day is a US initiative encouraging young entrepreneurs to set up their own business (traditionally a lemonade stand) to improve their analytical, financial and decision-making skills - something the OECD* says children need to develop at primary school level.  

Shockingly, England is currently at the bottom of the OECD's developed nation's literacy and numeracy table. In a bid to improve this we are calling for the Government to include National Lemonade Day within the primary school curriculum.

The OECD** says nine million working adults in England have low literacy or numeracy skills and estimates 48% of 16-34 year-olds have low basic skills, compared to 29.8% across other developing nations. 

We believe Lemonade Day is a step in the right direction to help improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills, enabling them to experience goal setting, responsibility and teamwork; life skills vital for future work success.

58%*** of 16-18 year-olds said the biggest obstacle to getting a job was not enough work experience or education in entrepreneurship and 47% recognised academic qualifications alone will not secure them a job. 33% wanted extra curricular activities and 32% more financial education.  

While personal and business skills advocate, Young Enterprise, works with 57% of secondary schools, helping children set up and run businesses, at primary level only 8% get involved, yet this is where support can have the greatest impact.  

Primaries already embrace World Book Day, encouraging pupils to dress up as their favourite characters, so why not adopt a National Lemonade Day! 

We would love for parents, teachers and business leaders to encourage and support children with local Lemonade Days. Anything that helps children be more financially-savvy should be embraced and if we can start running this on a small scale over the summer, it may grow into a national initiative that does indeed become part of the curriculum!

If you are a parent and feel like your own money management may not set the best example, Lemonade Money has a free online Financial Health Report tool which outlines where finances can be improved. 


 *OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)  

**2016 Report - Building skills for all; a review of England 

*** Young Enterprise Report, Youth Unemployment, a Generation in Crisis 

No will? Couples and step-families may lose out!

No will? Couples and step-families may lose out!

Helping next generation home owners

Helping next generation home owners